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Text on Techs started from conversations with NOC and OPs teams at my workplace. We were discussing the changing nature of technology work (with the onset of video and transparency) and the amazing speed of technical change. A kernel sparked. Previously, I’ve been writing blog posts for Crisis Commons, the Toronto Girl Geek Dinners and my workplace.

The concept is: Techs are superheros and I am the happy soul to bridge their stories. I enjoy being able to share, explain and connect people with technology. Blog topics may range from working or volunteering with Internet and Technology. I’m the Crisis Commons lead for Toronto, Canada and a member of the Core Community Working Group. Often, I might write about volunteerism, hacking for humanitarian aid or community development.

I should mention that I am an Delicious.com collector and read/skim 100s of blogs a day on topics from crisis communications, technology, Internet, geekery, outages, data centers and infrastructure, emergency planning, open web, open source, marketing, and more.

Here’s to having a new play space.

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