Data-Driven Coffee in Qatar

Data is all around us. Join me for coffee on Open Data Day (Saturday March 5th) to share about Data-Driven Innovation in Qatar. There is so much available data in Qatar that can inform our work and lives. The government strategy is to have an Open Data portal in 2016-2017. Let’s not meet and share tools, resources and ideas for data-driven innovation in Qatar.

Coffee by Grant Taylor Noun Project

Casual Data Meetup

Date and Time: Saturday, March 5, 2016 15:00 – 18:00 AST
Location: Expresso by Lavazza Dafna (Gate Mall)
Look for the sign: DDI

Five Examples & Opportunities of Data-Driven Innovation for Qatar

Data-Driven Innovation in Qatar? Really? Last week I spoke at the Data-Driven Innovation in MENA workshop with some examples of how data is being used. The following are some ideas on data and research in our community.

Environmental Data

This week the Qatar Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics together with the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute is surveying residents of Qatar on their thoughts on the environment. Add your voice. The focus of this survey is about water and energy. A few months ago Sajjad Anwar from Mapbox shared this map about climate change in Qatar.


Take the survey.

The Qatar Census and your business

A few weeks ago the Qatar Census 2015 was released. This opens up incredible opportunities to use this data for your startups. How? Join us to talk about Tabula and data extraction tools to activate the census. Business intelligence is just a click away.

How can Qatar Meet the Global Goals

All around the world we are talking about the Sustainable Development Goals.
What kinds of datasets are available on these topics in the GCC? See the Open Data Barometer report on how a Data Revolution can help us meet the goals.

Mapping an Accessible Doha

OpenStreetMap is used around the world to map communities. What if we helped Mada Qatar map accessible buildings? This could be done by printing field papers and going for a walk.

Data in research

At Qatar Computing Research Institute, we use local data all the time. Sometimes we collect it using primary research methods and other times we use OpenStreetMap data to overlay data. One example is our Crisis Computing Project called Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response. See more in my Data-Driven Innovation slides.

See you for coffee and data sharing.

[Credit: Map gif from Mapbox] [Credit: Coffee Icon by Grant Taylor via Noun Project]
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