Tonight: Hour of Code in Doha

My amazing colleagues at Qatar Computing Research Institute have teamed up with ArabWic to host the Hour of Code to help kids learn about coding and software. There are free sessions tonight (March 9th from 4 – 9pm AST).

Kids coding at qcri arab wic event

How to join

Venue: Katara, building no. 15

Target audience: School children ages 7 to 14

Sessions: School visits: 9am – 12 pm

- Public visits: 4pm to 9pm

Activity: https://code.org/learn, Hour of Code

Volunteers: From QCRI, Abdu, Meghna, Maryam Alhamadi and Eman, and a number of volunteers from AWiC

About iAspire:

The event aims to expose the younger generation to a variety of career options that will lead them to discover their interests and will inspire them to set goals for their future.

The exhibition will consist of booths for the initiatives and organizations focusing on a specific career that target the younger generation.

The event will happen next week on 8th and 9th of March.


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