RHoK 1.0 Sydney: Day 2

RHoKing projects and adventure had by RHoK1.0 Sydney. Our 6 teams submitted our videos for the Random Hacks of Kindness 1.0 Awards ceremony which happens tonight in Washington, DC.

RHoK Sydney Summary
30 – 35 people participated over 2 days
6 fanastic projects produced
countless video, pictures, ustream, and tweets delivered to tell our story
Caffeine pills, coffee runs, Tall poppies food and sugar highs

Catching the RHoK1.0 Sydney:

Teams produced quick presentations about their projects:

Some RHoK Collaboration highlights:

*Bushfire Connect Team collaborated with Nairobi to learn about ussd/sms and Ushahidi
*Sydney team leads connected CrisisCamp Montreal with RHOK1.0 Nairobi to collaborate on Haiti Amps
*Sydney team leads connected CrisisCamp London to Nairobi for some wiki gardening help
*Sydney UAV project collaborated with Crisis Camp London and RHOK1.0 Washington
*Person Finder Sydney collaborated with RHOK1.0 Washington on the Person Finder project
*A number of the projects have live websites or proof of concepts with visuals as part of the presentations.
*Guests from Drumbeat (Mozilla Foundation) and the Sydney World Bank offices attended our presentations today. RHoK1.0 Nairobi and Crisis Commons London attended via Ustream.

Thank you and more follow-up

We filmed the report backs on the projects. These will be on the RHoK 1.0 Sydney Youtube in the next couple of days.

Lastly, we had so much fun and I feel very happy that folks attending from all over Australia (Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, and Sydney) and New Zealand as well as two Canadians and one US volunteer. I firmly believe that the community in AU/NZ will continue.

We are very proud of all the collaboration and awesomeness of our efforts. I personally am quite honoured to have met each of the attendees and to have shared this experience with them.

Thank you to Second Muse, the World Bank, RHoK and Crisis Commons for giving us all this opportunity, and to the CIE/ASB/UNSW for the spectacular venue, logistical support and beautiful sunrises/sets.


Hello from Sydney, Australia

We’ve been busy hacking away for Random Hacks of Kindness(RHOK 1.0 Sydney)and we’re still going. RHOK Sydney has people from Christchurch, New Zealand, Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Australia, Chicago, USA, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. One of our special guests is Gavin Treadgold of Sahana Foundation Gavin is one of three Emergency Response experts (including Tom Worthington, a professor at the Australian National University and Mauritz van der Vlugt of NGIS) helping developers create with the real world of NGOs and Emergency Response.

It is looking like an all nighter for some of the projects.

We have 6 core groups:

1. Help Stays – a bed finder for volunteers in disaster regions
2. Task Turks – aggregating tasks for disasters
3. Money Tracker – building a donation
4. People Finder – helping match people with their families during emergencies
5. Bushfire connect – Helping people crowdsource information in fire struck regions (using Ushahidi)
6. UAV – finding real-time Geo-referenced imagery

Our wiki includes all the docs, github links, presentations, links to corresponding projects and content:

We’re creating ongoing social media event content:

  • Task Turking:

    Stay Tuned! We will have more videos and be streaming all night. Also follow our ustream chat, twitter @heatherleson or @rhoksydney for real-time updates. For our partner cities, we will see you on ooVoo video conference. We had a nice chat and collaboration with folks from Nairobi about Ushahidi and Bushfire Connect. Looking forward to more synergies.

    Here’s to taking it Globally.

    RHOK Sydney, hosted by the CIE at the ASB / UNSW

    (reposted from the RHoK Site)


    Welcome to Text on Techs!

    Text on Techs started from conversations with NOC and OPs teams at my workplace. We were discussing the changing nature of technology work (with the onset of video and transparency) and the amazing speed of technical change. A kernel sparked. Previously, I’ve been writing blog posts for Crisis Commons, the Toronto Girl Geek Dinners and my workplace.

    The concept is: Techs are superheros and I am the happy soul to bridge their stories. I enjoy being able to share, explain and connect people with technology. Blog topics may range from working or volunteering with Internet and Technology. I’m the Crisis Commons lead for Toronto, Canada and a member of the Core Community Working Group. Often, I might write about volunteerism, hacking for humanitarian aid or community development.

    I should mention that I am an Delicious.com collector and read/skim 100s of blogs a day on topics from crisis communications, technology, Internet, geekery, outages, data centers and infrastructure, emergency planning, open web, open source, marketing, and more.

    Here’s to having a new play space.

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