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Canadian and American Red Cross Talk Strategy at SMW

“Inspire people to do actionable items using social media.” Our CrisisCommons Canada team likes to call it Applied Social Media. We create,do stuff…and talk about it.

Karen Snider of the Canadian Red Cross and Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross presented their Social Media Case Studies at Social Media Week and the Toronto Social Media Club on February 9, 2011.

Karen and the Canadian Red Cross team are great supporters of CrisisCommons Canada. We have a common goal of sharing information and digital volunteerism. Karen introduced the new CRC Social Media team that is gearing up to support CRC activities across the country. (Their twitter handles are in the screen capture below.) We are very excited to continue our conversations with CRC and find new ways to collaborate as digital volunteers and partners. In the past year, the Canadian Red Cross has been testing social media strategy for small projects. More details can be found on the RedCrossTalks Blog.

Last night was my first time meeting Wendy Harman in person. She is a leader in SMEM for social good and has inspired me for the past year. The power of the SMEM network is that we built connections online and share many people in common. Wendy created the American Red Cross’s Social Media Strategy Handbook. This is available free online to use and remix. We truly look forward to more SMEM conversations in Canada and with our Amercian friends.

Next time I will set up a liveblog for events. In the meantime, here are some of the snippets about Canadian and American Red Cross social media case studies:


Canadian Red Cross: New/Social Media & Emergencies

The Canadian Red Cross: 2010 Provincial Emergency Management Conference was November 7 – 10, 2010. David Black, Melanie Gorka, Brian Chick and I were honoured to present the CrisisCamp/CrisisCommons story.

Our goal was to also demonstrate how local Red Cross organizations and emergency managers could use our lessons learned and leverage social media in their respective areas. I personally enjoyed the question about how would CrisisCamp respond to an potential earthquake in Sudbury. We would contact the Canadian Red Cross and ask how we could be of service. This is the type of collaboration and partnership that volunteer technical communities and crisis response organizations can have. We just need to continue to build relationships in preparedness.

We were also asked how to get started on Twitter. I recommended that people follow the lead of the Canadian Red Cross. Earlier this year, there was a very minor earthquake in Ontario. Immediately after this, John Saunders (Provincial Director Canadian Red Cross), started using Twitter for communications on preparedness safety tips as well as updates on power or other services. He is a trusted expert on Emergency Management and his tweet content would be verified. I his posts to keep my previous workplace informed.


Karen Snider, Canadian Red Cross, wrote about our talk here: How Can Emergency Responders use 2000 nerds

Our presentation:

Special thanks to John Saunders, Jen Mayville and Karen Snider for inviting us and supporting our efforts. We truly look forward to more collaboration between the Canadian Red Cross and the CrisisCamp Toronto team.

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