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May the Stream Be With Us: My Virtual SXSW Sessions

Virtual participation for geek, technical or social events helps the sting of not being able to attend in person. While it can’t completely fill the void of shared, human interaction, at least you can potentially watch a stream, catch a liveblog or even find a new person to follow who inspires you.

photo by Tolmie Macrae

South by South West – Interactive starts tomorrow. Every year I make a wish list of sessions that I would either attend or research. Then, I seek out the content and presenters before, during and after the events. It also gives me a chance to support some friends and thought leaders from afar. The list below is an eclectic mix of interests. There are folks from CrisisCommons, Ushahidi, OpenStreetMap, UN Global Pulse, Frontline SMS, Movements.org, NPR (Andy Carvin), Mozilla, P2PU, Toronto friends, and more. I know that I have missed some good people and welcome the tips. Also included are topics that perked my interest or topics that I know friends or family members research.

As you can tell, I would need to be cloned multiple times over to virtually monitor all of these sessions. And, put the rest of my scheduled activities on hold. Most of the sessions have hashtags and might have streaming. Last year I was able to cobble participation together for 10 sessions. I am mainly following #sxswgood for my Technology-for-Social-Good @ SXSW fix.

The Virtual SXSW Schedule (subject to whim and edits)

Austin Time translator – all times in CST Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours
(Note: DST starts on the weekend. On Sunday, switch to UTC/GMT -5 hours)

What time is it for me?

Friday, March 11, 2011

14:00 Lessons Learned from the Arab Spring Revolutions – Susannah Vila (movements.org)

14:00 Fireside Chat: Tim O’Reilly Interviewed by Jason Calacanis

14:00 Rebooting Iceland: Crowdsourcing Innovation in Uncertain Times

15:30 The Future of WordPress

17:00 The Singularity is HERE (cousin’s research area)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

9:30 Putting the Public Back in Public Media Andy Carvin
9:30 Federating the Social Web

11:00 Agile Self-Development
More details.

11:00 We Are Browncoats: Leveraging Fan Communities for Charity Serenity!

11:00 Seed & Feed: How to Cultivate Self-Organizing Communities (New Work City – for @camaraderie)

11:00 Flattr w/Thingiverse, Readability, Demotix: Rewarding Creators and Crowdfunding

12:30 Time Traveling: Interfaces for Geotemporal Visualization

12:30 Mobile Health in Africa: What Can We Learn?
Josh Nesbitt Frontline SMS #AmHealth

12:30 How Social Media Fueled Unrest in Middle East New York Times

14:00 Keynote Simulcast: Seth Priebatsch Gaming!

15:30 Humans Versus Robots: Who Curates the Real-Time Web?

15:30 The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication Aza Raskin

15:30 Real World Moderation: Lessons from 11 Years of Community

15:30 Social Media Data Visualization: Mapping the World’s Conversations

16:00 Sleeping at Internet Cafes: The Next 300 Million Chinese Users

17:00 All These Worlds Are Yours: Visualizing Space Data

17:00 Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Sunday, March 13, 2011

9:30 Radical Openness: Growing TED by Giving it Away

9:30 One Codebase, Endless Possibilities: Real HTML5 Hacking

11:00 Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism

11:00 The Future of Philanthropy: Social Giving Takes Off
#socialgiving More Details

12:30 Fail Big, Fail Often: How Fear Limits Creativity

12:30 Influencers Will Inherit the Earth. Quick, Market Them! Sloane Berrett

12:30 Urban Technology on the Dark Side

15:30 Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World Beth Kantor

15:30 Paying with Data: How Free Services Aren’t Free (Privacy, NYT, Stanford)

Monday, March 14

9:30 Tweets from September 11 Schuyler Erle

9:30 Method Tweeting for Non Profits (and Other Players) Geoff Livingston

9:30 Machine Learning and Social Media

11:00 SOS – Can Citizen Alerts Be Trusted? Patrick Meier, Chris Blow, Robert Kilpatrick and Karen Flavell

11:00 Worst Website Ever II: Too Stupid to Fail

11:00 The SINGULARITY: Humanity’s Huge Techno Challenge
(My cousin’s research area)

11:00 Naked Dating: Finding Love in 140 Characters or Less Melissa Smich and Jeremy Wright

11:00 Cryptography, Technology, Privacy: Philip Zimmermann, Inventor of PGP

12:30 NPR’s API: Create Once, Publish Everywhere

15:30 Mozilla School of Webcraft @P2PU John Britton

15:30 Voting: The 233-Year-Old Design Problem

16:00 How to Offer Your Content in 100 Languages Featuring June Cohen of TED and Seth Bindernagel of Mozilla

17:00 DIY Diplomacy: Designing Collaborative Gov Noel Dickover

Tuesday, March 15

11:00 Creating a Social Hackathon for the Good – Justice League Style

12:30 Wikileaks: The Website That Changed the World?

12:30 How Governments are Changing Where Big Ideas Happen Ian Kelso, Interactive Ontario

15:00 Next Stage: Bike Hugger’s Built: A Series of Talks by People Who Create

15:30 Interoperable Locations: Matching Your Places with My Places Kate Chapman

15:30 The Wonderful Things in Internet of Things

15:30 Techies Can Save the World, Why Aren’t They?

17:00 Bruce Sterling, closing speaker

17:00 Voices From The HTML5 Trenches: Browser Wars IV Mozilla, Google and more

Brain infusion pending.



Mozilla’s Learning Freedom and the Web Festival, Barcelona

The Internet is revolutionizing how we learn. It’s exciting. And it’s only the beginning. Mozilla’s Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival will gather teachers, learners and technologists from around the world who are at the heart of this revolution.


Taking place Barcelona from November 3-5, we’re planning three days of making, teaching, hacking, inventing and shaping the future of education and the web. We want you to be a part of it. Register.

Whether your a teacher or a technologist, this is your chance to help shape the future of learning and the web. We hope to see you in Barcelona.

If you are able to jet to Barcelona, we could use a hand with promotion. Have a moment? Please help us spread the word on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Be inspired by Joi Ito:

Joi Ito on (informal) learning, freedom and the web from Henrik Moltke on Vimeo.

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