Join the Global CrisisCamp Day of Learning

Global CrisisCamp Day of Discovery and Learning is about Preparedness. Our strengths are in crowdsourcing technology and information often using applied social media. We want to prepare our training materials, communications strategy and infrastructure to be more positioned to help. We also know many folks like to discuss policy. And, we want to provide an opportunity for folks to learn more about other Volunteer Technical Communities.

We will have three streams of activity:

1. CrisisCamp in a Box: create content and participate in activities and tasks to help groups and individuals contribute
2. Open Dialogue about Emergency Preparedness and World Bank Problem Definitions
3. Learn about other Volunteer Technical Communities and their tools.

We are also very fortunate to partner with the World Bank. The World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery Labs will provide Global CrisisCamp Day with a set of problem definitions for volunteers to explore ideas and provide innovative approaches to challenges related to flooding in Pakistan. Anyone can participate. Written and video submissions are welcome. Problem definitions will be released prior to the events on the CrisisCommons wiki.

We have CrisisCamps planned for Calgary, Toronto, Washington DC, London UK, Virtual Team and more.

Register for the Toronto CrisisCamp event or attend a virtual CrisisCamp.

More on the CrisisCommons.org blog.

CrisisCamp Day

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