Open web with the Arduino xBee Bicycle at Drumbeat

Two university students: Vasileios Georgitzikis and Pierros Papadeas, spent yesterday in the Hackerspace Playground and Arduino. Their goal: create an Arduino xbee open web powered bicycle. The night before they worked on their script. Then, they refined it by creating the device and testing speeds without a bike until about 3:30pm.

How it works
What they built was an Arduino wireless transmitter and a hall effect sensor on the wheel of a bicycle.

This calculates speed and then broadcasts this wirelessly. The receiver module connects to a usb.

the receiver

Every bike broadcasts and id and speed. The script reads and visualizes using Html 5.
Pierros testing

The Arduino demo at the hackbus:

hackbus demo

The team:
Pierros and Vasileios

More photos!

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