What are you doing at OGP Summit?

The Open Government Partnership Summit is this week: London, UK from October 30 – November 1st. I’ll be participating and hope to meet you.

Hope. Optimism.
Those of us who believe in the open data movement are building on these concepts. I truly believe that UNESCO WSIS program (PDF) has it absolutely right in stating that open data movement can learn from the world of Open Source. The OGP means an avenue to build a common language. While I am excited to meet people and learn from them, I am very focused on how we can activate and build tangible results. The policy and networks are first part of that picture.

words on metal
(Photo: Wall at the Sustainable Cities exhibition (London UK))

The whole Open Knowledge Foundation team has a slew of events. We’ve blogged about it here.

Which sessions are you going to?

As with any event, you make a plan for sessions with full intentions of keeping this schedule. I know that conversations and networks may inform my remixing. But, for the time being, here’s my plan:

Wednesday: Open Government Partnership – Civil Society Day I’ll be helping coordinate the unconference.

The Open Data Working Group has a preliminary session in the evening.


Harnessing data to drive Citizen Engagement – 11:15- 12:45
Open Data Working Group – 14:15 – 15:30
High and Lo Tech Approached to Open Government – 15:45- 16:45

I’m working on at OKF on the Open Data Partnership for Development. I’ll be hosting office hours in the OGP Summit room (3rd floor) at 17:15- 18:45pm. (Please stop by the Open Knowledge Foundation booth and say hi.)


Opening Aid flows: progress with implementing a common information standard – 9:30 -10:30
Broadening Civil Society Engagement in OGP – a Town Hall Conversation – 11:15- 12:30
Open Cities and Smart Citizens – 14:00 – 15:15

See you soon (If we haven’t met, I have bright red and pink hair.)

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